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CodeSystem: HIP Error Code

Official URL: https://standards.digital.health.nz/ns/hip-error-code Version: 1.0
Active as of 2017-09-01 Computable Name: Hip_error_code

HIP Error Codes

A coded value for HIP errors

This Code system is referenced in the content logical definition of the following value sets:

  • This CodeSystem is not used here; it may be used elsewhere (e.g. specifications and/or implementations that use this content)

This case-insensitive code system https://standards.digital.health.nz/ns/hip-error-code defines the following codes:

EM02002 Cannot be found
EM02004 The NHI Identifier provided <1> is dormant. This record cannot be updated
EM02006 The patient identity information supplied may result in transformation of this NHI. Please resubmit or contact NHI administration
EM02007 The request record version number does not match the current resource record version number
EM02008 Patient identity information does not match Patient NHI supplied
EM02009 Validate is only currently supported when sending an NHI Identifier (not an ID)
EM02101 A Patient name must contain either a given or family name, a Name Type, a preferred name flag and an information source.
EM02104 An active Patient Preferred Name must not be deleted
EM02105 A Patient must not have more than 40 active names
EM02106 A Patient must have an active Preferred Name
EM02107 Must start with a letter of the alphabet or an apostrophe
EM02110 Must contain at least one letter
EM02201 A Patient must have a primary residential address
EM02209 A validated mailing address must be an address at which mail can be delivered
EM02301 A Patient must have at least one valid ethnicity code, only one instance of each selected ethnicity, and appropriate use of the residual ethnicity codes
EM04003 address-line must match the address associated with Nz-address-id
EM04005 A Patient Address must either be validated by the Te Whatu Ora address service, or have a qualifier to indicate why the address cannot be validated
EM04006 Address line 1, address type, and not-validated-address-reason are required.
EM04007 A validated address must contain Nz-address-id, Address line 1 and address type.
EM07008 Requested attribute has been removed from the Patient record by NHI administration, contact NHI administration for more information
EM07107 Set ID provided is invalid or inactive
EM07201 Missing a required field
EM07202 Field is required when another field is present
EM07208 Invalid code for value set
EM07212 Cannot be a future date
EM07215 Date of Death must be greater than, or equal to Date of Birth
EM07217 Contains invalid text
EM07222 Already exists for this patient
EM07223 The Patient Name is not active and cannot be updated
EM07225 If name-use-extra is supplied name-use must be temp, and source NPRF
EM07229 Can only be set by an authorised agency
EM07237 Information source required when attribute is present
EM07238 Attribute required if information source present
EM07239 A source of HL7 or MIGR can only be submitted by A legacy update
EM07240 Date of Death must be greater than, or equal to Date of Birth
EM07241 Information set to registered cannot be updated, contact NHI administration for more information
EM07242 Cannot update attribute source with a lower level of proof
EM07301 Invalid code for operation
EM07302 Must not be supplied on this operation
EM07303 Date must be greater than date of birth
EM07304 Delete not allowed
EM11001 The request enrolment ID is invalid
EM11002 The request enrolment ID provided is for an inactive enrolment
EM11003 An enrolment of this type already exists for this patient with the requested organisation
EM11005 A patient must not have more than one active enrolment for a health service
EM11006 An enrolment has already been recorded for this patient today
EM11007 This patient is older than three months, and cannot be pre-enrolled
EM13001 Baby's NHI not found
EM13002 The baby is already enrolled or pre-enrolled in NES
EM13003 The baby has been marked as deceased in NHI
EM13004 No nominated clinic has been provided
EM13005 The nominated clinic provided cannot be found in HPI
EM13006 The provided gender does not match the NHI record for the baby
EM13007 The provided date of birth does not match the NHI record for the baby
EM13008 The baby's gender is missing or invalid
EM13009 The baby's date of birth is missing or invalid
EM13010 No next of kin details provided
EM13100 The nominated clinic EDI provided is invalid, HealthLink rejected the message
EM12020 Entitlement cannot be found
EM12021 Invalid entitlement-id